Since 1860 the Strassburger Family makes one of the finest handmade cutlery handcrafted strictly under traditional techniques and 18th century German colonial style and art. The knives are forged and tempered with high technology, using only natural processes.
STRASSBURGER knives are made of the best High Carbon Steel and also the modern "Stainless Chrome Molybdenum Steel" imported from Germany and kept through the centuries the same original style design and quality. The handles are artistically handcrafted using only natural materials carefully selected and processed.
We use only special Cutlery Steel, manufactured and certified by

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We offer a lifetime warranty for the blade and handle, so as permanent re-sharpening and polishing services, without any charge.
Entirely handcrafted custom made-to-order, is a nice model. Resistant and robust for hunting and all purpose needs. Below you can select the handles options. Will be delivered with a very resistant nice handmade genuine leather sheath.

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You may select two lines for a permanent engraving on the blade. (max. 30 characters and spaces per line)
Beyond the traditional nice genuine antler handle, you may select various combinations such as buffalo horn, bone, and extremely rare and hard Brazilian Hardwood. You may also select optional engraving service. To do it, select at the Shopping Cart and enter with your desirable name or phrase. At checkout you may also fill a field with your special and detailed instructions. You may select 2 lines with max. 30 characters or spaces per line.

The following are some rare hardwoods used on the handcrafted handles combination:

The prices you will see below, includes all the costs of the goods plus the handling, packing, insurance, costs of local dispatch cargo fees and terrestrial local freight. Oversea Air Freight and final delivery to the customer's door , as per customer selection. Taxes, fees or any eventual legal exigencies from the buyer's Country Authorities are not included and must be supported by the customer. Prices are valid for USA, CANADA, MEXICO, SOUTH AMERICA and most countries of WEST EUROPE. Consult us about special conditions or if you have any doubt.
Select Handle Material..
With Engraved Blade?
EU € 345.oo
Select Handle Material....
With Engraved Blade?
EU € 359.oo
With engraved blade?
EU € 389.oo
With engraved blade
EU € 585.oo

All purpose knife...

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Handcrafted handles using only natural noble materials, for the famous original Swiss Army Knife, custom handmade and individually personalized, by Strassburger Schmied Handwerk.

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We are proud in announcing our new site about our work in handcrafting personalized custom fine handles, using genuine noble materials for the Victorinox Original Swiss Army Knives. Take a look at our site:
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"De Luxe" SET

The new "Gourmet Set", for Table & Kitchen, is a very nice knives set. Hand forged in high quality steel and handles artistically handcrafted in carved Buffalo Horn and Jatoba Hardwood, is a high valuable and distinctive gift idea. Personalized with blade engraving option. Click on images to see more details.
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DO IT YOURSELF... Be the artist!
Dress your old or new Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, with personalized scales, artistically hand worked in noble materials
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Also the JATOBA Harwood, a must for Knife Handles, is used to perform the best Strassburger Knives Handles.

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