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original Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knives. Customized with engraving.
A gift MUST!

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A short presentation of the fine handmade Strassburger knives.

Because the limited custom production our knives are not available in store's chains or big resellers. Our target is quality and not quantity. We don't keep knives in stock. We will deliver directly to the final costumer, made-by-order, scheduling the work and delivery date.

Also, as it is not a line of industrial production, the knives never have the same exact final termination and appearance when comparing accurately one to another side-by-side.

  However the blades are perfectly identical, that doesn't occur with the handles.

That's because the natural and original forms and inherent characteristics of the noble materials using to make the handles, so as buffalo horn, bone and hard wood roots.The natural original forms of such material are the conditions that will determine the final artistic results and a life time durability.


The "all purpose knife", used for the daily work by the pioneers German immigrants. For hunting, kitchen and also as a defense weapon.

Only the best High Carbon Steel, imported from Germany is used. This high quality steel holds a long time tremendous edge and can easily be re-sharpened.
Also the "Inox" - Stainless Steel is a special high quality material. There are all certificated by our provider from Germany, the Thyssen Krupp Company.

Fire-pot forge, two-horned anvil and hammer are the basic tools used for the forging and treatment of the blades. Only a small amount of modern hand tools are used.

Forging and tempering is done under ancient techniques, brought from Germany by the pioneer immigrants coming to United States and South Brazil.

Some very special tempering techniques and knowledge are keeping under the Strassburger Family since 1860 and are transmitted generation to generation.

There are two models of blades (Short and Long)
as you can see on this picture:

To give to the handle the best quality and beauty, only fine handcrafted noble materials are used so as
Buffalo Horn, Buffalo Bone and an extreme hard Brazilian wood, the root of "Muiracatiara"
- (Astronium Lecointei). With these three components a variety of combinations are done.
You will see below the possibilities of these combinations.


As standard the blade are delivered in High Carbon Steel but if the preference
is for Stainless Steel Blade, it may be ordered at the same price.



The "twisted" effect on the handle, beyond the artistic finishing, gives great hand firmness on holding the knife.

At the right side
the smooth
handle models



Those effects, before final polishing, are carefully carved on the materials, such as Buffalo Bone and Buffalo Horn.
W = Wood
B =
Buffalo BONE
H =
Buffalo HORN

Buffalo horn is an extra hard material and after polishing it results in a pretty black shining appearance.

The combination with the hard and beautiful "Muiracatiara" wood, (Astronium Lecointei), carefully treated and polished looks very nice.

Leather Sheaths
Each knife will be delivered with a beautiful custom leather sheath.
The sheaths are entirely handmade and hand sewn. Are made from selected cowhide, tanned with proper natural vegetables, given the real appearance of wild strong leather. Has a very high quality and resistance, with its natural brown color. The proper and little irregularities of leather are keeping in order to maintain its characteristics. No chemical products or synthetic materials are used.

Customized Engraved Blades. (without extra charge)
You can select on ORDER FORM to have your custom knife engraved with your name or a personalized message for a great special occasion gift. Also valuable for Customized Business Gifts, with Company Logo and advertising
. Click for more details.

Model "L" - (Long Blade) - 7 inches (17,8 cm) High Carbon
or Stainless Steel with any choice of handle combination (CIF - p/unit) ....................... US$ 295.oo
Model "S" - (Short Blade) -5 inches (12,7 cm) High Carbon
or Stainless Steel with any choice of handle combination (CIF - p/unit) ....................... US$ 255.oo
Price includes a Custom Leather Sheath for each knife, Short or Long, plus all the costs of Door- to-Door Freight per UPS or FedEx. Delivery Time will be scheduled and confirmed by a Pro-Forma Invoice.
Normally it takes one to two weeks after receiving the order
, plus 48 hours Air Freight. SEE ORDER FORM

A Gift MUST!

A fine combination of Fork, Long Blade Knife and Sharpener Rod

The TRIO SET consists of :

- 1 piece of Stainless Steel Fork.
- 1 long Stainless Steel blade knife.
- 1 Sharpener Rod, in Chrome Vanadium Magnetized Steel.
- 1 Custom Leather Sheath for the knife.
- 1 Fine box with all the above proper for a high valuable and personalized gift.
( In the price is also included a personalized engraving}

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The handles composition and combination of the three pieces of the TRIO SET, may be selected from the individual knives handle models, shown above and also shown in the Order Form. Under special preference we can supply the knife with the High Carbon Blade option, without difference in price.

Price of the complete TRIO SET, including all items listed at left, plus shipping costs Door- to- Door by FedEx or UPS:
CIF ............................................... US$ 565.oo
Delivery Time: Same as for individual knives, above.
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"De Luxe" SET

The new "Gourmet Set", for Table & Kitchen, is a very nice knives set. Hand forged in high quality steel and handles artistically handcrafted in carved Buffalo Horn and Jatoba Hardwood, is a high valuable and distinctive gift idea. Personalized with blade engraving option. Click on images to see more details.
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Handcrafted with special Cutlery Steel,
manufactured and certified by

The beautifully Victorinox pocket knives, the worldwide famous Swiss Army Knife, is considered a TOP of technology.
Victorinox first supplied the Swiss Army with knives in 1891, and they continue to supply the Swiss Army with knives today. Swiss Army Knives are official equipment on NASA Space Shuttle missions and they have helped explorers on expeditions from the North Pole to Mount Everest. The Swiss Champ was even featured in the New York Museum of Modern Art. With a lifetime warranty you can't go wrong with a Swiss Army Knife for yourself or as a gift for someone else. It is a honor for us to handcrafting personalized custom fine handles, in noble material for the Victorinox Original Swiss Knives. Take a look at our site:

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