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Tradition and quality
since 1860
Strassburger fine handmade knives. Strassburger knife is a very fine gift and collectors item. Buffalo horn handle handcrafted with art. High quality bone handle with buffalo horn. Knife cutlery. Promotional Item, gifts, Corporate gifts, Switzerland, Werbehändler, Wood handles, Horn Handles, Bone Handles, Handcrafted Handles, Militär, Soldatenmesser, Flight Adventure Camp USA, Swiss Blade Harley, Werkzeugkasten, Toolbox, Lifestyle, Hobby, Outdoor, Sport, Survive, Survive-Kit, fishing, hunting, biking, camping, adventure, rescue, Notfalldienst, Hilfe, hobby. BoyScouts, Boy Scout, Boy Scouts, Boyscout Knife, Boy Scouts knives.

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The Boy Scout's dream...
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VICTORINOX Swiss Army Knife
Custom Hardwood Scales
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"De Luxe" SET

The new "Gourmet Set", for Table & Kitchen, is a very nice knives set. Hand forged in high quality steel and handles artistically handcrafted in carved Buffalo Horn and Jatoba Hardwood, is a high valuable and distinctive gift idea. Personalized with blade engraving option. Click on images to see more details.
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COMING SOON: More new models

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The Interagentraders Swiss Army Knives Victorinox. .
The Swiss Army Knives Victorinox.
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The Strassburger Fine Custom Handcrafted Knives and Cutlery.

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